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Meditations on a Triad 1

During the summer of 2004, I used a selection of triads drawn from compilation of triads as themes for meditation. The first mediation was on the theme of “Three gains from those who heed the advice of the old ones: illumination, wisdom, and clarity.”

My meditations on this triad lasted over three sessions (including some thinking about this triad during idle periods of commuting on the bus or subway or in the car for a long trip). In my meditation periods, I conversed with the Old Ones, Taranis, Arianrhod and Sulis (my Patron Deities), on the nature of these three things.

In my first meditation, I could see each of these Gods each taking one of three items as “their own.” I saw Arianrhod with the quality of “clarity,” Sulis with the quality of “illumination” and Taranis with the quality of “wisdom.” In the second meditation, they each explained how they each give all of the qualities.

First Meditation

Sulis and the quality of illumination.

Being a solar Goddess, illumination seemed to be a natural quality. Sunlight obviously produces illumination, a way to see that which has been hidden or in shadow.

Arianrhod and the quality of clarity.

In my recent interactions with the Gods, Arianrhod paired herself with Sulis as a Goddess of Night pairing herself to a Goddess of Daylight. So how may a Goddess of Night bring forth clarity? When She reintroduced herself into my life, She appeared with stars entwined in Her hair creating the network of the night sky and the network of the universe as we know it. Her gift of clarity is to obscure what is unneeded in an issue and to let shine that which is important.

Taranis and the quality of wisdom.

I have been interacting with Taranis in deep ways since just before Samhain and recognize His characteristics of destruction of the old to make way for the new and of stirring things up so that new insights can occur. His gift of wisdom is knowing when to let something go that you no longer need and when to embrace the new and the unknown, even when that can be very, very scary.

Second Meditation


What are the ways Taranis can give illumination, wisdom and clarity? I already wrote about his gift of wisdom. Illumination is given by his lightning flash, which shines on something that has been obscured. Illumination is sometimes described as a lightning flash, a Eureka! moment. That flash may also bring clarity of vision as well. And, there is often a type of clarity after the storm has passed — everything is washed and cleansed; the air smells clear, pristine. And, so after a stormy period, we might also achieve other types of clarity.


Again, it seemed natural that a solar deity would be associated with illumination, bringing light into dark places, seeing what could not be seen before. And that which is brightly lit can become clear. It seems easier to achieve clarity when something is illuminated. And then there is spiritual illumination, rising within as the sun rises without. When we see clearly and completely, we have the wherewithal to find wisdom, for it may difficult to find wisdom when something, some idea we need lies hidden.


Yet we can also find wisdom in darkness. Sometimes the sun lights up too many things, things that distract us from the essence of something. Darkness gives us space to contemplate, to dream, to review, to integrate. We can see the stars shining against the black, and light within the dark and be directed to that which is essential and see it clearly for the first time. Shadows may hide something that is needed, but they can also hide what is not and therefore focus our attention on the essentials. When we face the dark and see our own spark within it, we can become illuminated.

Third Meditation


What is illumination? That light that flashes within you, ignites within you, where all things become clear, their connections become evident, your connections with the all is seen, felt, lived. Taranis bring us illumination with his lightning flash of insight; Arianrhod brings us the darkness in which we can find the inner spark and Sulis shines upon all things.


Clarity is the “cut to the chase,” the clearness of vision, inner and outer. Clarity is the understanding of the essentials, the fundamentals without misdirection. Clarity is seeing how all things relate to one another, in sharp focus. Arianrhod brings clarity by hiding the unnecessary and allowing the essential to shine forth. Taranis bring clarity by ridding us of the outworn and the unworthy through the action of storm. Sulis brings us clarity with her light, which allows us to see all things in relationship with each other.


Wisdom implies both knowledge and the ability to apply it in appropriate ways. Sulis brings us the knowledge of light and how and when to use it as Arianrhod brings us the knowledge of darkness and how and when to use that. Taranis brings us the wisdom of knowing when we no longer need something and discarding it before the storm hits and takes it away forcibly. All of Them teach us how to see inner reality, each in His or Her own way.

2020 Note: I really should continue these.