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AKA Teleri Talgellawg

Image from woodcut of woman writing“Teleri Talgellawg” is my main persona in the Society for Creative Anachronism. She was born around 440 CE and lives on the island of Mon (Anglesey, Wales). She reincarnates with the same name and from the same place in every era the Welsh try to retain their independence until the end of the era of Owain Glyndwr. After that time, I have developed such alternate personas as Rosalia Elisabetta Aldobrandini (a lady-in-waiting for the Duchess of Milan, 1480s), Rosalia Isabella Tristao (ship’s captain’s widow from Portugal, 1570s) and Sister Marguerite (a Sister of the Common Life, Flanders, 1420s). I also have created two versions of Caroline Rose Berkeley, one “flourishing” in the reign of Charles I and the other in the reign of Charles II, both for 17th century living history. Lately I find myself mostly interested in 15th century Northern European life, especially that of Flanders, so anyone seeing me at an event will probably see me in 15th century clothing.

Some people excel at the character-creation and improv work demanded by “staying in persona”; others do not and tend to inhabit their SCA-oriented world. I am one of the latter. I am not a particularly good actor, so it is easier for me to be Dame Teleri Talgellawg who lives in the Barony of Ponte Alto in the Kingdom of Atlantia and who has a history of offices held, skills learned and taught, and events autocratted.

Chronology of SCA Life

Medieval/Early Modern Period Interests

Current Article

As often as possible, I hope to present an article on one of these topics or an essay on some aspect of SCA life. This month’s article is Term Limits for Territorial Barons and Baronesses. Previous articles can be found on the Archive page. I would love to hear your comments on these, so e-mail me through our feedback form with any responses you have.

Other Periods

When I have time, I also indulge in the 17th century as well. Charles II is my favorite English monarch and I find Restoration life as fascinating as that of the late Middle Ages.