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Dance of the Ages

When Ken is not too busy with his new company, he will write these pages to suit him, but until then …

When Ken went to his 10th year high school reunion, he surprised many people by handing out business cards for his dance group, Nachtanz Historical Dancers. He has spent many years researching and reconstructing dance from the 15th to 19th centuries, primarily focusing on 15th–17th century dance.

On this page, he will publish dance steps, dance reconstructions, and other dance-related research. The current offering is a reconstruction of “Leoncello Nuovo” following up on the previous article on 15th century dance steps which can be found on the Archive page. “Leoncello Nuovo” is a fun and flirtatious dance for three that can be hammed up to no end.

We have gotten several queries as to what “Nachtanz” means. According to Ken, “nachtanz” means “after dance” and appears to have been a 16th century German dance that was the second of a pair of dances. There are several tunes for the dance, but no extant descriptions or instructions for performing it. When Ken formed his dance company, he chose “Nachtanz” as its name because it was unusual and distinctive in the Renaissance dance world. Although Nachtanz has disbanded, but the name is still associated with us, and represented something we did together (I was also a dancer in Nachtanz). We thought it an ideal name to use as our user ID for the Internet.

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