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Ken Reed's Curriculum Vitae  

image of a towerWhen Ken is not too busy with his new company, he will write these pages to suit him, but until then…

  • Ken was born 1956 in Buffalo, New York to James and Cynthia Reed. After that he lived in Fort Lee, N.J.; Woodridge, NJ; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Ridgewood, N.J,. and probably some other places this writer cannot remember.
  • Graduated from Ridgewood High School in 1974.
  • Majored in architecture at Virginia Tech and graduated in 1979 with a B.Arch.
  • Got his first job as an apprentice at Thomas Madigan and Associates in Arlington, VA in 1979.
  • He married Sue Downs on March 1981.
  • With Serhan Kokuuslu, he started R • K Architects on November 1, 1996. On their web site you can find more about Ken’s professional background.

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